Family Portrait Session

How easy it is to sit here on a cold day and wish it were summer!  When this happens, I stop to remember all the things I love about the winter. Cosy blankets (and snuggling in them!), perfectly made

Fine Art Book – Studio Product

These days in the digital world, it has become way to easy to let all our photos just sit on our computers and hard-drives. Only to be shown for the occasional slideshow and then be put to rest until

Amy + Nathan – Engagement Session

I love people that like a good challenge, a risk, anything to achieve a great photo. Why not! Amy and Nathan fall into this category as they proved to me on a cold winter’s morning on a

Jess + Paul – Engagement Session

Proud to share with you the winners of our Engagement Session competition, Jess and Paul. Jess had a pretty sweet “perfect” engagement shoot idea that we could not resist! To see the

Hayley + Andrew – Mornington Peninsula Beach Wedding

Hayley and Andrew’s wedding was planned in the space of only 8 weeks! When Hayley approached me last minute with her ideas for their special day, I was very excited. The wedding ceremony and

Tina + Alan – Tea Ceremony

Being a wedding photographer is so wonderful for many reasons. One of these reasons, is the opportunity I have to experience many cultures and family traditions. A tradition that I have shot a number

Edward + Tiffany – Melbourne Wedding

Featured recently in Cosmopolitan Bride magazine, Edward and Tiffany’s wedding is a gorgeous wedding full of inspirational colours and ideas. It is always hard narrowing down to my favourites,

Alex + Diana – Engagement Session

I’m excited to post this cute little engagement session today. Not only because this is one of my favourite shoots, but also because I was lucky enough to have just spend the last two days with

The Way Things Are Meant To Be – Engagement Session

Lately I have been working on being more me… That might sound funny, but as a photographer this is actually very important! To be more yourself and not feel like you have to become like anyone