Mixology Party

As promised, I am playing a bit of catch up over the next few weeks as I share with you some of my recent (or not so recent!) published works while I was away on my maternity leave. This bright and

Alicia + Simon – Adelaide Country Wedding

Getting back into the swing of things here at the studio, I thought we could get started by showing off some of our published work during the last few months. Starting with Alicia and Simon, featured


Hello! I can’t tell you how excited I am to be back! After being on maternity leave for just over nine months, there really is something exhilerating about returning to work. I would be lying

Jo + Des – Northern Beaches Backyard Wedding

There is something truly special about telling an old friends story.  I was lucky enough to stroll down memory lane for Jo and Des’ wedding in my old hometown Narrabeen,  in the picturesque

Family Portrait Session

How easy it is to sit here on a cold day and wish it were summer!  When this happens, I stop to remember all the things I love about the winter. Cosy blankets (and snuggling in them!), perfectly made

Fine Art Book – Studio Product

These days in the digital world, it has become way to easy to let all our photos just sit on our computers and hard-drives. Only to be shown for the occasional slideshow and then be put to rest until

Amy + Nathan – Engagement Session

I love people that like a good challenge, a risk, anything to achieve a great photo. Why not! Amy and Nathan fall into this category as they proved to me on a cold winter’s morning on a

Jess + Paul – Engagement Session

Proud to share with you the winners of our Engagement Session competition, Jess and Paul. Jess had a pretty sweet “perfect” engagement shoot idea that we could not resist! To see the

Hayley + Andrew – Mornington Peninsula Beach Wedding

Hayley and Andrew’s wedding was planned in the space of only 8 weeks! When Hayley approached me last minute with her ideas for their special day, I was very excited. The wedding ceremony and