Beautiful People, in a beautiful location. It’s a photographers dream come true!

Sameer is a long time visitor to Phuket- whom I had the pleasure of meeting over Chinese New Year. During this time I was asked to shoot Sameer and his youngest daughter, and they were so happy with the photos that we organized to shoot the rest of the family, upon their return to Phuket.

I was very excited, as I love shooting portraits! So when the time finally came, I met his beautiful wife Isabella, well lets just say I really did think it was my lucky day.

The perfect location for such a shoot is one of my favourite resorts here on the Island, Trisara. This resort not only has amazing food and good coffee, (very important!!) but boast fantastic service, and an awesome vibe. Not to mention the surroundings are pretty epic!

Heres a peek from the shoot…..