Portraits. They are so much fun to shoot and such a huge passion of mine. I get excited when I have the opportunity to learn about people, who they are, where they come from, their story…. I love how a place, and the people’s environment can accentuate this, and explain even more who these people have become during their lifetime.

New York City is one of the worlds greatest cities. After years of living there you come to the realisation that N.Y.C. is a collection of small neighbourhoods. Very different neighbourhoods! In a matter of blocks the people can change; the way they dress, their language, their style, and their look…

When I lived in New York, I discovered ‘my’ neighbourhood to be the east village. It was place to call my home away from home. I loved the vibe, the park, the dogs, the coffee, the food, the people, and made some of my best friends in that neighbourhood. Maybe what was so inspiring was the pride and love the people shared for ‘their neighbourhood’, as locals would proudly proclaim that they were ‘born and bred’ in the east village, and therefore lived through the area’s colourful past.

So I set up outside an iconic local avenue C bar ‘the Sunburnt Cow‘ on a Friday afternoon, to see who was around…. and this is who came by..

Welcome to Avenue C, New York, New York.