You are going to hear a lot about food on this blog, I guess you could say I’m a foodie. I love good food! I would be lying if I didn’t say- my favorite thing to do as soon as we arrive in Hong Kong is eat!

There are amazing restaurants and markets in Hong Kong, and we are still discovering new tastes every visit!

One place that deserves a big shout out, is Mak’s Noodle House, located in Central. My assistant and I were lucky enough to be shown around by local native, (and amazing wedding planner) Michele Li from the Wedding Company, Mak’s was our stop for lunch.

This third generation family business dating back to the 1960’s is no joke. Famous for their wonton noodles there is a set system that all abide by. You walk in, you sit down, a hot tea is served, you order, and within minutes your sizzling hot bowl of fresh noodles arrives.

The texture of these noodles was like nothing I have ever tasted before! As I learned from Michele there are hundreds of ways to describe the texture of such noodles, and the best way to eat the soup is to start with the noodles so they do not over cook, and then move on to the wontons. I did as she said and it was pure delight! Also recommended was the vegetable and oyster sauce, (which comes out as a plate of greens) it surely hit the spot and the combined tastes were amazing and complimentary to each other! I wanted to take that sauce home- and I was tempted to lick the plate!!!