As you may already heard… I love shooting portraits! One of my favorite subjects to shoot are athletes, in particular Muay Thai fighters.  Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand, I’m a huge fan and have been training in the sport for several years!!

I have done a few projects shooting fighters before and after their fights, and love to compare the emotion between the two images. Shooting fights is also very exciting and I love capturing the intensity and excitement of the action.

Here in Phuket I am lucky enough to be training at Sinbi Muay Thai gym, the same gym as the pound for pound best Muay Thai fighter on the planet, Saenchai!!

Here are some photos from a portrait shoot of the man himself, who is fighting in the U.S.A. tomorrow night!! The winner of the bout will be awarded the first ever WBC diamond belt for Muay Thai, recognizing the fighters contribution and achievment in the sport.

Chok Dee Saenchai (good luck in Thai!!)