As I have said many times before, “I love shooting portraits!” I just cant get enough of it!
I feel truely blessed to be able to express what I see through the camera and to show the love between the couple.
As a wedding photographer, I’m so lucky in many ways. Not only do I get to spend the most unforgettable and fantastic day with a couple, sometimes I also get to know them previous to the wedding, by shooting a engagement portrait shoot.
These engagement sessions are so much fun because it’s all about showing the two individuals who are coming together as a couple… a team… soul mates! We usually have more time than we do at weddings, to have fun with the shoot, getting as creative as we can.

Sue and Jarrod are a couple of creative lovebirds who love theatre and playing it up for the camera. In between our posed shots, I would catch them having a laugh with each other and enjoying the moment, it was just pure magic.

Just another (amazing) day at the office.