Happy Valentines Day 2013!!!!


It’s been a long time between posts and you may have started wondering when I was coming back!  A lot has been happening in my world. I had a gorgeous baby boy, (Levi, who is the most awesome thing since sliced bread!) I shot a lot of amazing weddings at beautiful locations, in multiple countries, (yes Levi is a world traveller!) and I finally moved home to Australia.  It would be honest to say it was overwhelming and very exciting all at once.

Now getting my feet back on the ground, (yippie!) I’m so excited to finally say thank you to every one.

There are thank you’s for so many and so much. Starting out with the most important, our couples of 2012. Without you guys, none of this would be possible. You provided me with so many great opportunities shooting, and so many beautiful moments that would sometimes spark a little tear in my eye behind my camera.

Thank you so much Karen+ Ashok, Stephen +Deborah, Rene + Glenn, Sara+Stephen, Nina + Flo, Emma+ Hamish, Erin+ Mark, Racheal + Matt, Chezz+Tezz, Taryn+Dan, Ben +Sharon, Roy + Yuk-Lynn, Lorraine+Teck, Alicia + Chris, Lillian + Jacob, Veronica + Evegny, Jess + Nick, Josh + Sarina, Ben+ Vivian, Jessica+Andrew, Michelle + Eric, Sarah + Gareth and Selina + Kenzo.

Another massive bear hug goes to the (extremely talented) group of awesome vendors that I have been lucky enough to work with. Thank you so very much everyone for all your hard work!

There is an extra special thank you for Michele and Bonnie from the Wedding Company in Hong Kong and Jeanette and Kirsten from Luxury Events in Phuket. It’s always such a pleasure to be a part of your weddings, you ladies rock.

To celebrate all the warm fuzzies and the return for 2013, I thought it might be appropriate to share some of my favourite images and moments from these weddings. In no particular order, just moments that I look back on and they make me smile.

Thank you and have a happy Valentines Day, lets celebrate love!