Lately I have been working on being more me… That might sound funny, but as a photographer this is actually very important! To be more yourself and not feel like you have to become like anyone else!

Whilst on an amazing journey (aka photo shoot) on a beautiful summery evening with the gorgeous Nick and Cara, I realised (once again) that letting go and being yourself can open doors to the way things are meant to be. We had plans to shoot on the beach that day; wading in the water with toes in the sand. However the sun seemed to be shining brighter than ever before pushing me to re-think my plans for the engagement session.

I have been swooning over the wild vegetation on the beaches of Bayside Melbourne since moving here 10 months ago, and I thought thats it, lets do it! We all made the trek back up the hill and it just so happened that the sun was at a perfect level for the images to be beautifully back lit, and would you believe Cara brought along a perfectly matching bouquet.

Love it!


Thank you!

Here’s a sneak peek at the flowers and rest assured there will be plenty more to come!

fate is a beautiful thing