I’m excited to post this cute little engagement session today. Not only because this is one of my favourite shoots, but also because I was lucky enough to have just spend the last two days with a very inspiring fellow photographer, Jonas Peterson, talking ‘shop’, listening to amazing stories, and rediscovering dreams. I have new and exciting inspirations to kick start my world in a direction that I’m very excited to go.

Be more true to myself, shoot the way I like to shoot and not be afraid to tell the world.

There’s a cute story to this engagement session with Alex and Diana. She contacted me and explained how excited she was to be having an engagement party and her plans to give the feel of “red carpet’ glamour. With my long time love of fashion, this concept instantly excited me. Although their budget was an issue I didn’t hear back from Diana for a while.

I was thinking about her for some time, and decided to hunt her down to let her know that I was so excited by her concept that I was happy to do whatever I could to make this photo shoot dream of hers come true. I always try to put myself in other peoples shoes, and I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to reach their dreams.

On the day, we only had about 25 minutes to shoot and the sun was setting quick. The location was the Docklands in Melbourne and the plan was to shoot with the water and sunset in the background. However, I am a fan of texture and walls (and something a little different) so I was determined to find something unique. Running around frantically trying to find a better location I discovered a wooden box. Random? I later found out that this structure was called the Sealight Pavilion, designed for contemplating the elements. Excited by this? Yes!

When I saw Alex and Diana walking down to meet me, Diana wearing that j’adore black dress, I just knew it was perfect. In my dreams I have been wanting to shoot a black gown for ages, now I have reached my dream and found my wall, it was perfect.

You can read more about Alex and Diana, and hear their proposal story featured on Hitched Magazine Blog.



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